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When it comes to wholesale products, Morral can serve many of your crop nutrient and crop protection needs through our network of Midwest warehousing. We have access to suppliers for markets in the middle and Eastern corn belt. Our products come from Domestic and International producers via ships, barges and rail.  Our Wholesale sales team can supply commodities and specialty products for all of your agronomic needs.


Location & Distribution

We are also ready to help you with your distribution and logistics needs! Morral Companies is located 50 miles north of Columbus, Ohio and is located on a CSX mainline railroad that allows Morral to receive and ship products by rail. Our proximity to major highways (I-70, I-71, I-75, I-80, I-90, Rt. 23, Rt. 30) and our location in the heart of the population center of the United States allows for easy access to all parts of the country. Specialty products can be shipped Nationwide!

Morral Location

Liquid Fertilizer Load-Out Capabilities


We are proud to provide 24/7 fertilizer load out capabilities to our customers for our 28-0-0 UAN and 10-34-0 products. This allows truck drivers to load their trucks themselves using an automated, user-friendly system, at a time convenient to them.  Customers are required to complete a one-time training to use the system.



Automatic Load-Out Driver Form

Caledonia Location

Dry Fertilizer Warehouse Capabilities


Our Caledonia location is home to a 12,000 tons dry bulk storage facility.  This allows for an on-site supply at all times.  The blending system in this building is extremely efficient and can run up to 300 ton/hour.  It also has the capability to treat many types of fertilizer with an impregnation process. The ability to use the impregnation system helps in using products such as Phosphorus enhancement products as well as nitrogen stabilizing products for both above ground and below ground application. Our bulk storage building is equipped with over the side load out for non contamination of products. These additions to our facilities have allowed us to grow and better serve our customers.

If you have any questions or need any information,  call or e-mail any member of Wholesale Team.


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